Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gifts for My Friends

Giving makes me happy.
In the past month I have given away 4 drawings.
This one was a Valentines gift for my friend Katelyn.
She said that she wanted something that had to do with Paris
so it would go with her room.
Automatically the first thing that came to mind was the Eiffel Tower...
then I drew the girl just for fun and the balloons just kinda popped in there.
I like how the red is the only source of color in this picture though.
Very classy.
Love ya Katelyn!
This drawing was a Valentines gift for my friend Emily.
Can you guess which movie it's from?
Emily loves that movie and wanted me to draw something from it.
The scene I drew isn't from the movie, I came up with it in my head.
I thought it would be cute having both guys "whoo" her in their own ways,
and having her in the middle looking a little indecisive.
The prince was my favorite part to draw...don't you love those puff sleeves?
The hardest part to draw was absolutely Giselle's beautiful dress.
So difficult!
Love ya Emily!
This was a Valentines gift to my friend Beth. She wanted a picture of Rapunzel from Tangled with her hair in that huge pretty braid
she had for part of the movie.
It was definetly a challenge!
But I am pleased with the result.
I also experimented with my background drawing abilities.
As you can tell with my other drawings, I don't do backgrounds very often.
But this drawing looked silly with just her standing by herself on a white piece of paper, all alone!
Love ya Beth!
I drew this for my friend Alex's birthday. I asked his girlfriend what he liked (cause i don't really know him too well) and she said that he absolutely loves Harry Potter. Now I'm not really into the Harry Potter craze, but I thought it would be fun to give Mr. Potter a try. I love how it turned out! Though it is sad that I had to let these pieces of art go, I know they are in good hands. ;p I hope to continue making people smile with my art and mabye one day, actually make some cash! Tell me what you think! *Ash*