Friday, February 10, 2012


So, I have been trying really really hard to draw more lately.
No matter how much homework I have, it is not stopping me!
I have gotten several requests of things to draw for some books that my friend is writing,
but before I get started on those, I need to work on some things.
Some of those things are:
Different ages
So what I did was create some girls who are all different ages, and gave them names.
(i will work on boys later)
My characters so far are:
Samantha, Zoe, and little Grace (who are all sisters), and then Leah and Naomi.
They are all cousins/best friends.
So what I'm now doing is drawing them in all different situations and poses.
I'm trying to get as consistent as possible.
Below is Leah chilling in the grass in her bright yellow tee and blue jean shorts and
Sam and little Grace hanging out at the beach.
(can you tell i'm ready for summer?)
This is the latest one I did. Just finished it this morning actually.
So tell me what you think. I want advice and comments.
How else am I supposed to improve?


  1. You're very talented! I can see great improvement from your last drawings posted.
    I have to say though that the top clothes are...provocative? I personally believe in being modest, so I wouldn't draw something on paper I wouldn't wear myself. Please don't take it as mean, it just sort of bothered me about the drawings.

    As far as improvement:
    I REALLY like Leah in the first drawing-the hair and face are great and look more realstic (not quite so stick figure like)
    The arms are good in the first picture, but I think you could improve upon them. Arms should be about the length to the hip, with the hand hanging down. I also noticed the arms when folded are slightly short (like they don't belong to them)
    LOVE the Summer day Naomi portrait! I'm craving Summer as well!
    I'd love if you stopped by my art blog ( and gave your opinion of MY art-I'm looking for people to point out where I need improvement.

  2. Thanks Natasha! yes...I have been trying to practice alot...and i think it is paying off. :) about the clothes, im guessing you are either talking about the off the shoulder shirt or the little girl's belly's showing. I don't see anything necessarily wrong with either. I personally like the *off the shoulder* look and dont find it immodest. (of course that is totally just my opinion) and with the little girl's bellys showing, i didn't think that immodest either. I, as a grown woman, would not be caught dead wearing a shirt showing my stomach. but with little kids, i dont see anything immodest about it. i find it rather cute. so....i guess it is all a matter of opinions. :) i know that what i think is modest, some of my friends dont feel comfortable wearing. and vice versa.
    Thanks so much for your advice and opinions! i value every single one! thanks for leaving the link to your blog! i will go check it out asap!
    Thanks rock. :)